We are industry specialists in the field of rental and property management. Our goal is to empower homeowners and property investors to turn their homes into magnificent rentals that stand out in a competitive sea of Airbnbs.

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Hostly is the brainchild of Natalie Blanco, a businesswoman whose roots began in Puerto Rico. She managed and directed the country’s largest parking company, but Natalie’s dreams would not allow her to stay in one corner of the world, leading her to Texas.

Natalie found that there was unrealized potential in the sphere of short-term rental services. The industry was booming, but most of those services catered to clients rather than property owners.

Hostly has grown into a massive 24-hour property management company that serves clients within Texas. From mansions to cottages, and to vacation homes by the beach, Hostly’s portfolio of clients continues to diversify and remain profitable  thanks to our personalized touch and service. 

Just as Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to burn today, Hostly’s passion to serve property owners continues to be its mission.