Concierge Services

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If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and give your guests an unforgettable rental experience, look no further than Hostly’s concierge services. We are dedicated to making your guests’ stay a breeze while making your life as a vacation rental owner easier. When you offer concierge services for your guests, you’re ensuring that they can make the most of their stay and you can make the most of your time.

What are concierge services for vacation rentals?

Vacation rental concierge services provide a unique and valuable opportunity for property owners to improve their rental experience. Concierge services help your guests find things to do during their stay and ensure they have access to everything they need. From researching restaurants and excursions to searching for the best prices for local activities, concierge services relieve your rental customers from the guesswork of exploring the local scene.

What your guests will get with professional concierge services:


  • Arranging dinner reservations
  • Arranging transportation
  • Local recommendations
  • Information about local landmarks
  • Booking event tickets
  • Ensure guests can find and use amenities
  • Staff member waiting for hand deliveries
  • Luxury spa products and treats


The benefits of Hostly concierge services

Improve guest experience

The first and most obvious benefit of concierge services is that they can significantly improve your guests’ experience. When traveling to a new destination, your guests may quickly be overwhelmed by the idea of researching, planning, and booking activities around town. Having a concierge act as a guide for the local scene can immensely improve their experience in the area.

Save time

Your guests are looking for the guidance of a local expert, but this doesn’t mean you need to be available 24/7 to answer questions. By enlisting the help of Hostly’s expert concierge team, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time without leaving your guests hanging. 

Earn more

Offering vacation rental concierge services can help you maximize your rental income by earning more bookings, allowing you to set higher rental rates, and allocate more of your time to other aspects of your business.

When your guests have someone to rely on for all of their questions about the local area, they are much more likely to have a positive sentiment about your property at the end of their stay. This increases the likelihood of your guests leaving a positive review and returning to your property in the future.

Offering additional features like concierge services also means you can raise your vacation rental prices, helping you to earn more with each booking. And with more time in your day, you can focus on expanding other aspects of your vacation rental business.

Make your guests feel like royalty

There’s no simpler way to take your vacation rental from mediocre to magnificent than by providing concierge services from Hostly. Providing our services for your rental property allows guests to enjoy the comfort of a home with the personalized service of a hotel.

With Hostly, you can have a staff member waiting on hand for deliveries, answer any questions about local landmarks or activities, and esure the guests can find and use amenities. We know you want every moment spent in your properties to be extra special. We’re here for the exact same reason. Our team is passionate about you and your customers, putting integrity at the heart of everything we do. 

You can put your trust in the team at Hostly. Both you and your guests will be in good hands.